Industrial Packaging is aware of the vital role of its products within our customers’ supply chains; and committed to keeping our customers fully informed about our actions in response to the Coronavirus pandemic – and any future crisis periods.

Measures taken to ensure business continuity during the pandemic

14 April 2020

Since our initial response (below), we implemented some additional measures, to ensure business continuity during this period:

Signage on doors to Industrial Packaging factory about COVID19 safety measures

  • Two shifts: We have introduced two manufacturing shifts instead of one, so that should anyone fall ill in one shift, there will be another shift to continue production as normal. Two slightly smaller shifts also allow for more distancing between employees. Lastly, this increases capacity, to allow us to serve those customers who have experienced increased demand.
  • Zoning: we have also introduced zoning in our factories, whereby people working in zone A are not allowed in zones B or C, etc. This is to help contain any spread of illness so that, again, should a person working at Industrial Packaging fall ill, the number of people who will have been exposed to that person is limited.
  • Shunting: we now have extra trailers on site, so that there is always at least one empty trailer, which our staff can fill with orders. In this way, truck drivers can simply unhook one trailer and hook up the other – they do not need to enter the premises, help load etc., thereby avoiding human contact.
  • Floor markings in Industrial Packaging plants during COVID19Materials and training: We have implemented signage reminding everyone of distancing (for example, markings on the floor), at locations where there could be a queue – wash basins, clock-in stations, etc. Hand sanitiser stations have been put in place and PPE is available where necessary. Staff have received training sessions on all the above measures and how to keep safe at this time.

With these measures and other contingencies, we are fully confident that we will be able to supply our customers as normal during this period and that there is no need to order in bulk for the coming months.

However, should you need to increase or decrease your normal orders during this time, we would appreciate as much notice as possible, to allow us to adjust our production, to facilitate any changes.

20 March 2020

We have taken comprehensive measures to safeguard our employees, ensure business continuity and continue to serve our customers. Our team is in regular contact with suppliers and transport partners. This is in order to be in a position to react to any developments quickly and effectively and to keep customers informed, as quickly as possible, of any issues that may arise. In line with government recommendations, we have taken the following actions:

  • Office employees who can work remotely are doing so.
  • Visits to and from our factories have been restricted.
  • All deliveries to our facility are being screened and drivers’ access is being restricted.
  • Internal measures to minimise close contact of staff members have been put in place.

Birdseye view of Industrial Packaging production plant

The situation remains dynamic and we are monitoring it. At the moment, our supply chain is fully operational. However, we cannot exclude the possibility that situations beyond our control arise in the future, which might impact our ability to provide our usual level of service. We will inform our customers as soon as we become aware of any such issues.

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