Rob from IP with Frank and Peter from Cloud Picker Coffee

Over the past few weeks, we have been working on a project that smells fantastic!

Established in 2013 by Frank Kavanagh & Peter Sztal, Cloud Picker is Dublin City’s first micro coffee roastery. They hand roast their coffee beans to order for cafés and restaurants around Ireland, Europe and beyond – beans which Frank and Peter have been to origin to source themselves.

Cloud Picker coffee beans in a fibre drum

We are working on a solution for Cloud Picker to distribute their coffee, roasted in Dublin, to their customers around the country. Re-usable fibre drums will provide an alternative to the single-use, non-recyclable, plastic and foil pouches, generally used in the industry.

The drums will be filled with freshly roasted beans in Dublin and sent to Cloud Picker’s customers, who will use the coffee and retain the drums. Cloud Picker will collect the drums for re-use when they are delivering the next load.

Frank operating a dechimber to separate a fibre drum for recycling

Each drum will be re-used a set number of times – many more times than single-use plastic and foil composite bags. After this, Cloud Picker will return them to us when they are collecting new drums, and we will separate the steel and fibre elements for recycling, thus closing the loop! We think it’s a perfect example of making the circular economy work – and of two local businesses working together towards solving a global problem. We can’t wait to get started in the new year! If you fancy giving this very special, hand roasted coffee a try, pop in to the Cloud Picker Café, 42 Pearse Street – or one of the many other cafés around the city and nationwide, who stock their coffee.


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