Product shelf life doubled by fibre drum innovation

Fibre drum lined with alufoil to eliminate contamination risk

By applying an AluPolyFoil internal liner and food grade gasket to our drums, we helped a leading pharma ingredients manufacturer to double the shelf-life of their product and reduce powder clumping and product degradation from moisture vapour ingress.

The Proof

Our HygroPac drum was independently tested alongside other packaging types for a period of 24 months.  To retain product integrity, the moisture level needed to remain below 0.9 milligrammes. At 12 months, all the other pack types had let more than the threshold moisture level into the product, thus degrading the product, but not the HygroPac drum.

Graph showing testing of different packaging types for moisture ingress

The Benefits

The benefits of the moisture vapour barrier inserted into our drum include:

  • Increased product shelf life
  • Elimination of powder clumping issues
  • Elimination of risk of mould growth.

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