PRODUCT: Move over plastic buckets – here come tin pails

The first thing the customer sees when your product arrives, its packaging communicates the quality of your product and the values of your company. From this point-of-view, one of our star smaller capacity containers is the tin pail by SILFA. Offering the beauty of a stainless steel bucket, the rust-resistance of an aluminium bucket and a price-tag that will make your Finance Department jump for joy, they’re definitely an option worth considering! They’re fireproof too.

SILFA metal pails and tins

Sophisticated & suitable for flammable products

Two metal pails of different sizes and different closure types

We all know that packaging contributes, consciously or unconsciously, to the impression customers develop of a product and its manufacturer. These high-quality tinplate pails indisputably look more sophisticated than white plastic pails often used for similar contents. Even more so when tastefully branded for your company.

In look, they are similar to a stainless-steel bucket, but, of course, are much more economical. Hugely important, they are also fire-proof, unlike plastic buckets or jerricans. So they are much better suited to flammable and combustible products, like coatings, paints, inks and adhesives.

Strong & cost-effective

These buckets are made of tinplate, and are internally coated, making them strong, light and resistant to rust and corrosion. They are perfect to transport adhesives, transport thinners, transport varnish, paints, coatings, solvents, chemicals and many other products.. They are UN-certified and ideal for storage of flammable liquids.

Tin pails have all the following attributes:

  • Robust, resisting damage and offering excellent protection during transit
  • Stackable both empty and full, being conical (tapered) tins
  • Ensure long shelf life for products stored in them
  • Lightweight, for ease of handling
  • Easy to open, close, empty and fill, with options such as spout and handles
  • Several closure options, with tamper evidence.

Find out more on the tin pails product page.

Sustainable & recyclable forever

4 metal pails of different sizes on grass
Metal can be recycled forever. When metal products like these cans, pails and drums reach the end of their useful life, the materials are simply collected and recycled, again and again.

Unlike other materials we work with, which lose some of their integrity on recycling (so only a percentage of recycled material can be used to manufacture the next product, if strength is to be maintained), metal is highly resilient and can be recycled with virtually no loss of its inherent properties. Today, about 80% of metal packaging is recycled in Europe.

Reliable and experienced European manufacturer

All of the above explains why we have chosen to distribute these containers in Ireland, adding them to our comprehensive range of bulk packaging options.
In addition, there are also our usual “hygiene factors”:

  • These tins are made with Italian craftsmanship, by an excellent manufacturer, who shares our own concern with quality and sustainability. SILFA has grown over 60 years and their products are now present in 28 countries, which we believe speaks of quality products and reliable service. Their systems are ISO certified.
  • A broad range of sizes is offered and the supply line is reliable.
  • The containers are UN certified for the transport of dangerous goods.


If you would consider a move to tin pails, don’t hesitate to book in a chat with us about what might be involved. As we supply options in numerous materials, we can help you compare the relative benefits. And of course, we will accompany you in any change process. See our packaging change control article for more detail on this.

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