Investment in Cutting Edge Tech for Cores and Tubes 

Industrial Packaging has been a cornerstone of the Irish packaging manufacturing sector for over seven decades, and now we are bolstering our capabilities with a significant new investment in machinery. This September, we are enhancing our cardboard Cores and Tubes division with the addition of a high-speed multiknife core winder from Eberle. This move highlights both our ongoing commitment to the development of this product range and our ambition to be the definitive supplier of Cores and Tubes across the island of Ireland. Of course as we are based in Ireland, we can offer fast and convenient logistical services to local clients too  

The new Eberle winder is a game changer for Industrial Packaging. Capable of winding up to 20 ply’s into a core, this machine significantly upscales our production capacity and operational efficiency. Its multiknife cutter is engineered for precision, ensuring each core is cut cleanly to meet the highest quality standards, meeting or exceeding those standards required by clients.  The addition of this winder not only expands our fleet to five but it also propels us to new heights in terms of product quality and service delivery. 

Expansion of Core Drying Facilities 

Further investment includes the expansion of our core drying room. By extending this facility, we aim to enhance the force drying of our cores, thereby boosting their crush strength—a critical quality for customers with stringent radial crush requirements. 

For over 77 years, Industrial Packaging has specialised in producing high-quality cores, particularly for applications where radial crush and overall quality are paramount. The introduction of this sophisticated machinery secures our position as the industry leader, continuing a tradition of excellence that began back in the 1950s. 

Precision and Capacity Gains 

Reflecting on our history, the equipment used in the 1950s was a far cry from today’s technological marvels. Those early models, while advanced for their time, operated at a fraction of the speed of our current systems and lacked the precise control that modern technology offers. Today, we are not only able to produce at greater volumes but do so with unmatched precision and efficiency, meeting the evolving needs of the industries that rely on us. 

This strategic investment in our capacity and technology is not just about keeping pace; it’s about setting the pace. And it marks Industrial Packaging out as a unique supplier in this space, on the island of Ireland.  


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