NEWS: Industrial Packaging takes on SEFFI presidency

Industrial Packaging Ltd has been an active member of the association of European fibre drum manufacturers since its inception some thirty years ago. We are proud to hold presidency of the assocation this year, with one of our Directors, Rob Lee, voted in to the position at the recent AGM.

The Syndicat Européen de l’Industrie des Fûts Fibre (SEFFI), was formed in 1991, to promote the benefits of fibre drums and to represent the industry at European and international levels. Over 90% of Western European manufacturers are part of the association, with a combined production of over ten million drums per year. The members work together in relation to matters such as product standards, relevant legislation, reuse and recycling schemes, and promotion of the benefits of these strong, sustainable packaging products.

Rob Lee as a baby in a fibre drum inside a playpen
Rob Lee, quality testing a fibre drum.

The 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held virtually in November 2020. Niccolo Campanini from Imbalkraft in Italy retired as president after four very productive years, and Rob Lee from Industrial Packaging was voted in as his replacement.

As the photo shows, Rob has been in training for the job for over 30 years !!

Rob hopes to build on the positive work undertaken by other SEFFI members over the years, at an exciting time for fibre drums – when the world is starting to really realise the importance of sustainability in packaging choices and how, as fibre drum manufacturers, we can help companies contribute to the circular economy and global sustainability goals.


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