Choose Sustainability, Choose Fibre Drums!

Fibre drums are a sustainable and value-for-money alternative to plastic or steel barrels. Choosing fibre instead of plastic or steel containers contributes to a low-carbon, circular economy.

Produced from a high grade paper called kraftliner, they are robust enough to meet the demands of the most difficult supply chains. Internal and external liners increase their versatility and performance.

Traditionally, they are sealed with steel chimbs for strength and security. These components are easily separated for recycling. All-fibre drums are also available for lower value or lighter weight applications (like air freight). Both design types can be UN-certified to Packaging Group I for transport of dangerous solids. In fact, a diverse range of industrial products – such as bulk powders, tablets, granules, wire products, pastes and non-hazardous liquids – can be packed and transported in fibre drums.

Fibre containers  compared to plastic or steel:

  • Lower cost
  • Lighter weight
  • Easily Recycled at end of life

Made from one of the few truly sustainable raw materials

12 fibre drums of different dimensions, colours and features


Fibre drums are made from natural and renewable materials. Industrial Packaging only buys raw materials from FSC certified paper mills – which use responsibly managed, eco-friendly forests.



Leading Europe’s transition to a circular economy

Paper has long been the most recycled product in Europe. Today, the paper industry is a leader in Europe’s transition to a low-carbon, circular economy.

The traditional, linear economy follows the path of make – use – dispose. The circular economy is an alternative, more sustainable economic model, where resources are kept in use for as long as possible, then regenerated at the end of their life.

Benefits of fibre packaging to the circular economy:

  • Renewable raw material
  • SEFFI members, such as Industrial Packaging, use only kraft with global certification standards (FSC®, PEFC™)
  • Transparent supply chain
  • Easy recyclability
  • Significantly lower carbon footprint than alternatives (much less CO2 emissions during production)
  • Significantly lower water footprint than alternatives (much less water used during production)


SEFFI is the European Association of Fibre Drum Manufacturers, of which Industrial Packaging has been an active member since the 1990s, learning and contributing to best practice across Europe. Check out the association’s video below, outlining the sustainability benefits of fibre drums:

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