PRODUCT: Fibre Drums : Some Myths Dispelled

Manufactured locally from kraft fibre, they are produced from sustainable forests, requiring a fraction of the energy that other materials require to produce. Fibre drums are among the most cost-effective and sustainable bulk packaging options available in Ireland. However, a few misconceptions about them still exist.

Blue fibre drums with dangerous goods labelling on them

Myth 1: Fibre drums cannot be used for dangerous goods

Simply not true. Fibre Drums have UN Certification for dangerous goods in PG I, II & III, as well as the “V” rating required for packing “lab smalls”.

Myth 2: Fibre drums cannot be used for moisture-sensitive products

Wrong. Fibre Drums can be lined internally with integrated alufoil to prevent water vapour, oxygen and UV ingress. This has the added benefit of extending shelf life significantly. After stability trials in 2015, a leading Irish excipient producer increased product shelf life by 100% relative to standard drums, corrugated boxes and FIBCs.

Myth 3: Fibre drums shouldn’t be used in cleanrooms

With an integrated internal and external liner (or lacquer), the FibreFree no tare fibre drum has been developed specifically for cleanroom and GMP production areas.

Are fibre drums suitable for your products?

Don’t hesitate to schedule a chat with us if you would like to make the switch to sustainable fibre drums but have questions or concerns about their suitability for your products. One of our qualified dangerous goods advisors will be happy to help.


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