NEWS: Don’t let Brexit delay your supply

Freight logistics involve intricate coordination between numerous different parties and technologies, to ensure goods are delivered at the right time and on budget. Shipping delays commonly occur due to bad weather, port congestion…. or, in recent years, Brexit.

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Brexit has made supply chain management an even more complicated game. It has made the easy movement of trade that we have enjoyed over recent years a thing of the past. Irish companies importing from, or through, the UK now face:

  • port traffic congestion
  • trucks being rejected due to incorrect documentation
  • customs and regulatory checks taking days
  • unplanned duty payments
  • no supply at all.

How can Industrial Packaging help?

15 different types of industrial container

1) We manufacture in Ireland, and always maintain high levels of raw material stock. We have been manufacturing fibre drums on-site for over 70 years, and are the only fibre drum manufacturer on the island of Ireland. This means that you never have to worry about transport from the UK or the EU in relation to these products. We understand that storage space and lead times are critical, so we typically stock over 20,000 drums, to provide you with supply security. Fibre drums are a lot more robust than many people think; and can often replace other container types.

2) We buy from Irish suppliers where they exist. Regarding products we distribute rather than manufacture ourselves, we always try to buy from Irish manufacturers where possible, supporting Irish jobs and benefitting from short lead times.

3) Where we have to import, we import directly from EU countries. Where products are not made in Ireland (for example steel drums and IBC tanks), we try to import directly from EU countries such as Spain, Holland and Germany.

4) We have long established relationships and risk mitigation strategies in place with our suppliers and our carriers. As a result, our freight partners continue to deliver to us in a smooth and reliable manner, despite Brexit and its effects.

Since the start of 2021, we have been happy to be able to help several companies that had been buying from UK manufacturers or suppliers, but had found supply delayed, more expensive or even stopped.

Contact us if you want to:

  • secure your packaging supply chain with a local distributor and manufacturer
  • consult with qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors
  • work with professionals who can supply the highest quality packaging when you need it
  • replenish your stock simply and easily, without worries.

We’re always available for an exploratory conversation.

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