Customer Feedback and Putting People First

At Industrial Packaging, we do our best to deliver exceptional service and innovative products, and we know how important customer feedback is – so we often informally ask for feedback and listen to what our customers have to say.

But recently we decided to bring in external expertise and we went through a formal, and comprehensive, Customer Experience Improvement Project, with the assistance of AlphaRainbow. It was great that so many of our clients were generous with their time and participation (thanks!) and the outcome of this initiative is helping us to elevate our standards into the future.

Achieving a Net Promoter Score of 75% was a testament to the positive relationships we’ve built, and it reflects the significant number of clients who would recommend our business. This feedback has not only bolstered our team’s morale but has also provided us with clear direction on how to enhance our services further. You can read more about the project here.

Next Steps

One of the immediate outcomes of the workshop was the fact that we need to highlight the internal expertise we have more effectively. As a result we took a number of actions, including  updating the “People” page on our website. This update was crucial as we had welcomed several new key team members over the last three years, each bringing a unique set of skills and expertise to our operations.

Now we want to introduce you to some of the key people we have at Industrial Packaging so here’s a few core team members you might bump into in your dealings with us….


Meet some key Team Members

Aisling Reynolds, our Technical Account Manager, joined us in 2021 with a solid background in client relationship management and operations. Her role is pivotal in supporting our industrial container customers, and her DGSA qualification enhances our commitment to safety and compliance. Aisling brings a blend of technical knowledge and genuine care, guiding our industrial container customers with a personal approach.

Mark Geraghty, our Warehouse/Despatch Supervisor, has been with us since 1986. Mark has exceptional expertise in terms of optimising warehouse operations and making sure everything runs in a safe and efficient manner. Mark doesn’t just oversee logistics; he ensures that every dispatch meets our high standards and our customers’ expectations, adding a layer of trust and reliability to each interaction.

Darragh Cleary, a dedicated Warehouse Operator since 2017, is known for his attention to detail, commitment to high quality product and accuracy in goods dispatch. Darragh personifies our dedication to quality, making sure that behind every delivery is a promise kept.

Kris Binkowski, our Production, Planning & Stores Supervisor, ensures customer satisfaction with his in-depth knowledge of core & tube production.

Katrina Murphy, who joined us in 2022 as our Production & Sales Administrator, brings over 25 years of experience in sales support and production management.

Ibrahim Darwish, our HSEQ Manager, focuses on enhancing product quality and operational excellence, supporting our commitment to safety, quality, and environmental sustainability.

Bridget Byrne, our Finance Manager & Cost Accountant, joined in early 2022, and Breda offers significant expertise in driving process improvements and enhancing efficiencies.

Kevin Costello, our Production Manager, brings a wealth of experience from the ICT manufacturing sector, contributing to optimising production processes and fostering customer satisfaction.

Our staff do their best to go above and beyond – to ensure customer satisfaction, and as you can see, behind every successful delivery is a team that cares.

Industrial Packaging People


Forward Together

In responding to the feedback in the survey, we recognise the importance of showcasing the people behind Industrial Packaging. Every email, every phone call, every order, and every delivery is powered by our dedicated team members, each with their unique story and expertise. At Industrial Packaging, we are not just committed to evolving; we are dedicated to doing so through the strength of our professional relationships – inside and outside the business – so that our journey towards success is achieved together, with people at its heart.

Thanks to our team!





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