Customer Experience Survey – What Next?  

Action Plan in Progress  


We recently embarked on a Customer Experience Improvement ProjectPart of this project was to understand how our customers engaged with Industrial Packaging and what areas of the customer experience needed improvement.   We were delighted with the response rate and constructive feedback from our customers. So first up, we want to say a huge “Thank You” to those who were willing to give up their time to share their feedback. Secondly, we want to re-assure clients that definitive action is being taken, as a result of the feedback received. And, finally we want to acknowledge the constructive participation of the Industrial Packaging team – the commitment of our team will ultimately determine the outcome and success of the entire process.

In this article we give a bit of background about the survey process, we share the key findings and we outline the main points that are being addressed as a result of the feedback from our clients. It was an extremely valuable experience for Industrial Packaging and we trust our customers will benefit from the changes made as a result of their feedback – we’re all action these days!

Rob Lee Customer Experience  Survey

Background and Methodology

From Good to Great

Industrial Packaging appointed AlphaRainbow to manage and implement the Customer Experience Survey which was the starting point of our journey from “good to great”.

The quantitative research was conducted by an online survey with participants asked to rate questions on a 10-point scale, then there were four open ended questions and one multiple choice question.


Once the questionnaires were completed and analysed statistically, the results identified the Key Drivers that influenced customers’ satisfaction levels and willingness to do business with Industrial Packaging.

It also gave an overall rating, called the Net Promotor Score, which assesses how likely participants are to recommend Industrial Packaging. The NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.

Net Promoter Score

Key Findings

To be great – communicate!

Industrial Packaging was delighted to score 75% – with a high number of clients being promoters of the business. That’s great to know, and within the excellent category so this score is very much appreciated!


The research generated detailed findings but the main points of positive feedback included:

  • Great customer service
  • Fast and friendly communication
  • Reliable partner
  • On time delivery

It was great to get some specific quotes about team members and the service offered too, the “ASAP” questions referred to here made us smile because we understand that for nearly all our customers, every question needs an ASAP answer!


“The staff are always amazing to deal with. I have been in communication with Shay for more years than I wish to mention, and he is always helpful in my annoying ASAP requests. Katrina, that is newer to your team is extremely helpful also. And is always willing to help.”


So, overall we felt that the feedback and our standing with clients is definitely “good” and in fact these positive sentiments reflected what most of our customers said, but what could we do to achieve “great”?

Naturally there were some areas to address also, and these included:

  • A stronger focus on recycling and sustainable solutions
  • More pro-active updates and communication about the business
  • Improving the profile of the internal expertise and competencies of the team

When AlphaRainbow presented the survey results, they then made their recommendations and ran a Workshop with the internal team to identify specific actions we could take, based on the findings and their feedback. Our Digital Marketing agency, Inspiration also attended with a view to helping to implement some of the suggestions.

Industrial Packaging Surveying cutomers

Next Steps

There’s a spreadie and its colour coded!

The outcome of the Workshop is the inevitable excel spreadsheet of actions but we’re happy to say that the entire team is committed to making these actions happen. There are some quick wins – like sharing the survey findings; which you are reading right now! But there’s also more strategic actions like investigating the opportunity to install solar panels for more sustainable energy use and developing more effective operational communications for clients.

So, thanks again for your input, we are grateful not only for your business but for your constructive feedback and ongoing support.

And we’ll continue to strive towards greatness – on an industrial level!

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