One of our valued customers in the engineering field is Parker Hannifin in Co. Wexford. Parker is a Fortune 250 global leader in motion and control technologies, with its own customers coming from various industrial and aerospace fields.

High-specification hydraulic hose manufactured by Parker
Parker Hannafin hydraulic hose

Their product lines include hoses and tubing, which are integral components of high pressure systems that control motion, and low pressure systems that transfer materials from place to place. They are highly engineered products which need to meet or exceed a variety of industry standards, and so they need to be very well protected.





Two forklifts being used to place 8m long cardboard tubes into a lorry
Two forklifts are needed to lift these extra-long tubes

Industrial Packaging worked with Parker to develop a strong, trustworthy packaging product to protect these high value hoses and tubes – manufactured in Wexford – during storage and transport worldwide. The tubes we created for Parker are over 8 metres long, requiring 2 forklifts to load them.






We were delighted to be able to meet the challenge set for us by Parker Hannifin. If you have a have a packaging challenge, do give us a call or send a message – we would love to put our heads together to come up with a solution.

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