CASE STUDY: Packaging hand sanitiser

In the context of the COVID19 pandemic, a wide range of companies have started to manufacture and/or supply hand sanitiser. Not all have experience of working with bulk quantities of flammable product; some are unfamiliar with the specific packaging and transport rules and requirements.

Because we do have this experience, and have two certified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors within our sales team, we have been contacted by numerous manufacturers and transport companies over recent weeks to give advice.

The basics are as follows:

Sanitisers are usually based on denatured alcohol and may be classified for transport as one of the following specific or generic identifications:

i) UN1170, ETHYL ALCOHOL SOLUTION or ETHANOL SOLUTION, containing at least 60% ethanol by volume, but not more than 80% ethanol by volume, 3, II

ii) UN1219, ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL or ISOPROPANOL, containing at least 60% isopropanol by volume, but not more than 80% isopropanol by volume,3, II

iii) UN1987, ALCOHOLS N.O.S. (ethanol), containing at least 60% ethanol and/or isopropanol by volume, but not more than 80% ethanol and/or isopropanol by volume


Jerricans with Flammable Liquids labelling
Plastic jerricans are UN certified for storage and transport of flammable liquids

There are a number of exemptions from transport regulations which some transporters may seek to use. However, unless the alcohol content is less than 24% (which makes the product more or less ineffective as a sanitizer), the regulatory requirements of the ADR (European agreement concerning the carriage of dangerous goods by road)will apply.

For quantities of one litre or less, limited quantity rules apply, which means you won’t need to use UN-certified packaging. For anything over one litre, you will need to use UN-certified packaging and that’s where we can help.

We stock anti-explosive IBCs specifically for the safe transport of flammable liquids

At Industrial Packaging, we stock a full range of UN-certified containers suitable for different quantities, and storage and transport circumstances. So, whether you need 20 litre jerricans, 200 litre drums, 1000 litre IBCs, or something in between, we have a solution and the knowledge to supply you with safe, compliant packaging quickly.

We have stocks of most standard container types ready to go, in our warehouses just off the N11 and M50, outside Dublin.

Give us a call now and ask to speak to one of our qualified dangerous goods safety advisors.


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