Hard to believe another year is almost out, and it has been an eventful one in business – locally and globally.

For Industrial Packaging, it has been a year of consolidation and growth. The company was founded in 1947 by Fred Lee and the Lee family still own and run it, so this year has marked 76 years in biz – a lifetime! In fact this year Director Rob Lee welcomed a new baby to the Lee family, so there’s been plenty to celebrate on every front.

In a spirit of gratitude, here we take a look at the milestones, partnerships, and achievements that have defined the Industrial Packaging journey in 2023.

The Mezzanine Project

One of the highlights of the year has been the ongoing expansion project at our premises in Bray. The addition of a mezzanine level to our warehousing facility is not just a construction project; it symbolises our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our customers. The mezzanine, equipped with a conveyor belt for efficient handling, is set to substantially boost our storage capacity. Although the project is not yet complete, the promise of quicker turnaround times to meet customer demands and the anticipation of witnessing significant numbers of drums ascend on the conveyor belt (it’s quite a dramatic and impressive sight!) has already motivated the team and created a hugely positive energy at the facility.

Additional warehouse space added by Industrial Packaging via a mezzanine with conveyor belt to stock fibre drums and other industrial containers

This addition of 2500 square feet to our premises translates to six additional truckloads of 120-litre drums (we know – that’s geek speak but that’s how we like to think 😊 ). In 2024 we plan to add an additional 6,000 sq. ft of our warehousing to our existing 100,000 sq.ft. premises. It’s a substantial increase in capacity that aligns with our commitment to just-in-time delivery for customers.

Sustainability in Every Drum: Partnering with CurTec

Environmental considerations has also driven our pursuit of sustainable packaging solutions. Industrial Packaging continues our exclusive partnership for Ireland with CurTec, the pioneering name in high-performance packaging. Our visit to Leiden, Netherlands, for the first-ever CurTec Reseller Conference was not just a business trip; it was an immersion into a global community of like-minded individuals passionate about sustainable packaging.

Fold Pack

At the conference, we got to get our hands on the all new Fold Pack for the first time. CurTec’s Fold Pack is a testament to the power of innovation in industrial packaging. Its efficient design, tamper-evident closure, moisture protection, and compliance with regulatory standards make it a top choice for industries that demand the utmost in safety, efficiency, and reliability. The future of industrial packaging has arrived, and it’s square, secure, and space-saving – it’s the Fold Pack!

The International Industrial Packaging Conference

We were back on the road again in October, this time to the IIPC Conference in Ghent, Belgium. The theme for this year’s conference was “Industrial Packaging and the Circular Economy,” reflecting the growing global focus on environmental responsibility. Delegates, primarily comprising owners and managers of leading manufacturing and reconditioning companies, engaged in fruitful discussions. The event also provided an opportunity for exhibition stands from various suppliers to showcase their products, fostering collaboration and networking among industry experts.

During the presentations, there was a significant focus around the imperative to facilitate the reconditioning of various types of drums, including Fibre Drums, Plastic Drums, and Steel Drums, along with used Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). Industrial Packaging recognises the importance of sustainable practices and is committed to influencing innovations that reduce environmental impact. Reconditioning drums and IBCs not only align with sustainability goals but also contribute to the broader concept of a circular economy. Watch this space for future developments we are working on in this context!

The conference schedule was dynamic, spanning two days and featuring six formal sessions, topics included economic and environmental backgrounds, regulations, market expectations, technical and regulatory developments, and a global viewpoint of the industry.

Rob Lee, Commercial Director at Industrial Packaging, actively participated in various sessions, including those focused on reconditioning and green policy. His role as the President of SEFFI (European Fibre Drum Manufacturers trade body) positioned him as a key contributor to the discussions and given his hands-on experience at Industrial Packaging, he was ideally placed to focus on the real issues that need to be addressed by packaging manufacturers. There are plenty of sustainability challenges ahead but the consensus was that the industry is up for it.

Bray Business of the Year

Coming towards the end of 2024, Industrial Packaging found itself in the winner’s enclosure at the Bray and District Chamber of Commerce 2023 Endeavour Awards. Awarded the prestigious Bray Business of the Year, we stand tall among the businesses and individuals who have positively impacted the local community. This recognition is not just a celebration of our business; it’s a testament to the team who work here and our deep-rooted commitment to the community we call home.

For many decades, Industrial Packaging has woven itself into the fabric of Bray, employing over 60 dedicated individuals and actively supporting local charities, initiatives, and sports teams. Receiving this award is not just an accolade; it’s a call to continue our efforts in contributing to the well-being and development of Bray. And we’re delighted to do that.

Rob Lee Aisling Ryenold Ibrahim Darwish The Bray and District Chamber of Commerce 2023 Endeavour Awards

As we look back on a year filled with growth, innovation, and recognition, Industrial Packaging is well placed to embrace the challenges and opportunities that the coming year holds. Thanks to all those who have shared the journey with us and we invite our customers, partners, team, and the Bray community to join us in shaping the future of the business and our community.

We look forward to a successful year ahead, together. In the meantime, enjoy the break and a very Happy Christmas!

2023 – it’s a wrap!

As the festive season gets into full swing, we extend our warmest wishes to you and your families. And sincere thanks for your continued support throughout the year. Just to let you know, our office will be closed from Friday, 22nd December 2023, and will reopen on Tuesday, 2nd January 2024.

We’ll be taking a well-deserved break to recharge for the year ahead and we trust you’ll get to relax too over the holiday season. We’ve written a wrap up article on some of our milestones in 2023, you can read more here.

Have a Happy Christmas and a Healthy Successful New Year.

From all at Industrial Packaging






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