Innovative new rectangular drum with sliding lid

Square and rectangular container shapes deliver increased pallet efficiency, minimising unused space on pallets. This helps reduce the carbon footprint of a supply chain and lower the cost of transport, storage and handling. But round drums have traditionally had the most secure and easy-to-operate opening mechanisms and were easiest to fill and empty. Our partner CurTec has just introduced a new packaging solution that delivers the efficiency of the first shape with the ease of use and security of the second, in a whole new way: rectangular drums with a sliding lid closure.

Rectangular plastic drum with sliding lid

This is a patented new closure mechanism developed by CurTec, with two parts:

  • an inner lid with a rubber gasket which seals off the drum, creating a barrier against moisture vapour
  • an outer lid with a lever which presses down the inner lid, keeping it securely in position.
Detail of water vapour tight seal in sliding lid of drum

This new sliding lid saves handling time (3 seconds to close or open) and needs no tools or significant force. The wide opening makes filling and emptying easier and allows filled liners or other valuable contents to be easily and safely removed.

The drum is UN certified for solids, suitable for shipping dangerous goods and food safe. It is designed for reuse multiple times. It is stackable and empties slot into each other saving even more space.

We have been working with CurTec for six years now, as their exclusive distributor in Ireland. The relationship has been really harmonious and effective and we place great trust in the manufacturer.

Stephen Fleming, International Sales Manager at CurTec, says:

“Ireland is one of the world’s leading locations for manufacture of pharmaceuticals, with 85+ pharmaceutical operations. Given the strategic importance of this market, CurTec sought a strong partnership, focused on quality, service and added value.  With Industrial Packaging, we found a truly professional partner and a knowledgeable team, respected in the field of pharmaceutical packaging. Our open and positive collaboration is reflected in the joint success we have had in recent years. We know that our business and future aspirations are in safe hands with the Industrial Packaging team.”

Rectangular plastic drums on a pallet

From our side, we know that CurTec products are of the highest quality, and that the company is always thinking about customer-focused innovation and sustainability (find out more about CurTec’s vision and actions here). We are excited about this new product, which we believe proves all these points.

Find out more about this new container on the rectangular drum product page.