Industrial Containers Brochure 2020 Available Now

While we aim to make the most product information possible available and up-to-date online, for easy access from anywhere at any time, sometimes it can be handy to put your hand on a physical product listing.

Cover of brochure listing industrial containers


That’s why we have just updated our brochure listing all of the bulk containers we supply for 2020.

Over the 16 pages, you can see at a glance over 30 different types of industrial container and compare their characteristics: specific features of each container, capacities available, material compositions, UN certification, tamper evidence and stackability. You might discover options you never realised existed!

Download a print-friendly version of the 2020 brochure now (3.5MB) or contact us to send you one in the post.

And of course, if you’d like further information on any of the products you see in the brochure, just give us a call.