And the prize for the most sustainable of our sustainable range goes to…

The Enviroloc drum! At Industrial Packaging Ltd., we manufacture sustainable fibre containers for bulk storage and transport. While they all have a much lower impact on the environment than packaging made with materials such as plastic or steel, the best of the bunch from this point of view is the Enviroloc drum.

Small Enviroloc fibre drum with reinforced base and lid


The body of the drum is made from 100 per cent kraftliner (a high-grade paper). There is a kraft or recycled plastic reinforcement option which can be added to the base of the drum, to protect it from moisture on the ground.

Reinforced bases of two fibre drums Optional kraft or plastic base reinforcement

It has no steel chimb, as is found on the LeverLoc-style fibre drum, so it’s really simple to dispose of responsibly – the components can be easily and separated in seconds for recycling by hand, without the use of any tools, as shown in the video below.

The absence of steel chimbs is also favoured for certain laboratory conditions.

Enviroloc fibre drum body and base side by side Easy separation of components by hand

An extra benefit is the reduction in weight of the packaging relative to plastic, steel or traditional LeverLoc fibre drums. This is an advantage not only for air freight costs, but also for health and safety in the work place, as it is light and easy to handle in comparison to containers made from other materials.

Small Enviroloc fibre drum on top of two larger ones Three different sizes of Enviroloc drum are ready in stock

The container satisfies the requirements of transport and storage of high-value industrial solids and powders, complies with the relevant EU directives and is UN-approved for use with dangerous goods.

Our Enviroloc drums are in stock in 35, 64 and 75 litre sizes, but we would also be happy to look into creating such containers in other sizes, to suit your needs.

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