Customer Service Boost

At Industrial Packaging, we realise the importance of intelligent and informed customer service. We have recently enhanced our capacity in this area by hiring a widely experienced, new technical account manager.

Two IP staff members on the factory floor surrounded by fibre drums Technical Account Manager Graham Kennedy (left) pictured on the factory floor with Production & Planning Manager Paul Walsh

Graham Kennedy is originally from Waterford and has an MSc in Business, Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship, along with experience managing technical customer accounts in a number of different business-to-business sectors. He also has useful skills in project and event management; business and manufacturing processes; and tendering, procurement and supplier management. So, Graham brings both the knowledge and experience needed to add real value to conversations with customers looking for best-in-class solutions – and he also brings a fresh perspective gained from different industries to our own. We are delighted to have these dual assets within the team and we look forward to Graham helping us up our game even more in areas from innovation and business processes to, all-importantly, customer satisfaction. Graham will be focused on the industrial containers product line. His arrival will allow Mark Fleming to focus his time fully on our cardboard tubes and core clients, providing the best possible service to them. As a team, we love a challenge – so ask us to review your packaging strategy and suggest improvements today!