Building the future

From surplus energy to data storage facilities, we’re proud to be involved in building the infrastructure of the future. Our cardboard 'form-a-round' forms, which can be made to measure to create concrete pillars of more-or-less any dimensions, are currently being used in a number of these types of building projects around Ireland.

Building site showing circular concrete plinths as foundations for energy storage units

“We used Industrial Packaging form-a-round cardboard moulds to create 520 concrete plinths, to house Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) units,” says Brian Morrissey, Site Manager for Duggan Brothers Ltd., the company contracted to construct energy storage facilities for Hanwha Energy Corporation Ireland Ltd in Co. Offaly.

“The forms were delivered on time, in the order required. The finish on the plinths created was excellent and without blemishes.”

Works on the project in Offaly have already commenced. The scope includes the construction of two separate facilities, one at Lumcloon and one at Shannonbridge. The BESS facilities provide short term battery energy storage for surplus energy from the National Grid, which is subsequently transferred back into the National Grid at Peak Energy Demand Periods.

Each site will contain a series of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) units and control buildings, together with associated site works including Grid connection installation, access roadways, footpaths, paving, drainage and landscaping.

Our column moulds have been used to construct short concrete pillars which are sunk into the ground and act as piles or foundations for the energy units, which will sit on top. The electric cables will be fed through these piles to the energy units.

“I would highly recommend working with Industrial Packaging,” said Brian Morrissey. 

This method can be used with the building of data centres also, and we are excited at the prospect of having some of these projects in the pipeline too.