Flexible and Textile Packaging Solutions

Whether you manufacture flexible films, labels, tapes or textiles you need to know your packaging core maintains it's strength throughout the supply chain. Through investment in our blast drying chamber, the use of high grade papers and the radial crush tests we perform on every batch, IP can guarantee performance.

Reduce wall thickness, Reduce cost

Challenge our Packaging specialists to review your current wall thickness vs your core strength requirements. Using our Advanced Core Technology we can measure preasure exerted on your cores in the production process to determine your core strength requirements. 70% of customers who undertake an ACT project find that wall thickness is historically overspecified.

Largest range of sizes in Ireland

IP have invested in 3 specialist core winders which allow us to manufacture diameters from 25mm - 1200mm

Bespoke Branding

IP can apply a printed ribbon internally or externally based on customer requirements

With IP's ability to guarantee and measure radial core strength we have been able to reduce the wall thicknesses of cores we use, saving on the cost of packaging and reducing the amount of packaging used. We don't get core crushing problems and we are saving money and the environment.

Flexible Packaging Manufacturer

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