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Our teams experience and qualifications combined with the investments we have made in our capabilities, means that IP are best placed to advise on any new or existing packaging requirements. Whether you are deciding on packaging for a new product or looking to improve existing packaging our team can help you find the best solution.

Research & Development

As well as conducting our own in-house development testing, we work with 2 independent test labs to develop new products with tangible benefits for customers.


Manufacturing is our passion, our factories are like a giant workshop. Challenge us to manufacture your packaging solutions in Ireland instead of importing. Come and visit us, see what we can create.


Our 2 purpose built factories total more than 90,000 sqft, and our business model is to hold stock for customers, to enable us to deliver just in time through our network of long term transport partners.

Quality Testing and Conformance

We perform in process checks on everything we produce and distribute. Certs or Conformance are provided with every delivery if required.

Sustainability and Safety

Everything we do must be sustainable, from pricing to the raw materials we source and the suppliers we use. We adhere to the certifications we have undertaken and ensure our suppliers do the same.

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