AeroPac Aerosol Drums

Specially developed for packing & transport of Waste Aerosols 

    The AeroPac Drum can be used for collection and transport of aerosols according to special provision 327 of ADR section 3.3.1

    Integrated Liner & Absorbent Pad

    designed to retain and absorb any free liquid discharged in transit

    Vented Lid

    prevents dangerous pressure build up

    Resealable Lid with Tamper Evidence

    UN Certified

    Aerosols can also be shipped under limited quantities with weight under 30kg

    Recycling & Incineration

    Fibre Drums can easily be recycled and are a low energy incineration option

    Bespoke Printing Options

    IP can manufacture drums with customised printing to differentiate your waste streams

    Applications & Benefits

    • Lightweight, Cost effective alternative to Steel and Plastic Drums
    • Can be supplied with external lacquer for outdoor use
    • Sizes from 30L to 220L

    Standard Drums in Stock

    • HSA Industry Notice Waste Aerosols


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    Fibre Drums